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Welcome to Ghetto Star Publication. We are an independent company whose work ethics will bring the globe many styles and genres of books that tell of different truths and creativity left out of society monopolized publishing industry. Especially pertaining to today's subcultural (urban, ghetto, political, hip hop, hood) authors that can write a profound twist on all our interests.

As we strive to remove the most common stereotypes:

  1. Black and poor people don't like to read.
  2. The conventional process of book publishing should be controlled by one class of people.

Therein, we at Ghettostar Publication are committed to challenging the norm and with your support of providing a plethora of books (one by one) of hot – exciting – controversial – educational and even freaky texts that make your days and nights bright.

While equally encouraging each of our supporters to take part in social issues and projects that reflect positive aspects of our author's ideas and talents.
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The 99erz Trilogy Book Program

We at Ghettostar Publication have a deep understanding of what it means to struggle and confront numerous different effects of poverty-isolation.
Since its clear capitalism and token democracy have undisputedly cut out Ghetto America. Dealing the vulnerable its worst hand to make responsible decisions.
So in consequence, many of us today are single parents that have problems paying small bills; others are teens with very few options to be a part of an advanced society, and the most special are millions of children that go hungry daily in this corp-country.
However, we, your family at [Ghettostar Publication] have set up a direct donation process through PayPal, where each of you that purchase our Reality Novel “We are the 99erz.”
At your request you will be given a special serial number and with any additional sale of this book trilogy, we will send you $3.00 on every sale to help prevent an attack on the good ghetto people.
Also, each participant of this program must understand and abide by the below rules to receive payment:

  1. All participants must call and request payment of their serial number sales within 72 hours after purchase.
  2. All participants must have name of the purchaser that uses your serial number to collect.
  3. All children participants donations will be sent in their names. The reasoning being we encourage them to practice positive business activity at a young age.

Support us – Support you!
Ghetto Love

Mail Process

Ghettostar Publication Company is a reliable source of sending all of the soft cover books. We are scheduled to bring to print and handle your orders.
As of right now we offer you Part I of “We are the 99erz,” in soft cover for $16.99 (4 to 7 day shipping).
Our mailing price is a low $2.50 to be added to your payment.
We will always do our best to have your orders out on the same day.

Our mailing address is:
Ghettostar Publication
P.O. Box 80438
Brooklyn, NY 11208
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